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From Turkey

Istanbul Turkish Bath

Relax like a local and deep cleanse your body and mind during a 2 hour traditional Turkish bath experience at Istanbul’s Cagaoglu Hamami, a gorgeous 18th-century traditional bath house. As authentic as cultural experiences get, a Turkish bath experience remains much the same now as it was during the Ottoman era. Relax on a marble slab in a steamy bath chamber, have a vigorous and exfoliating scrub to strip away dead skin cells, and then relax in a cooler room.



  • Pick up & drop off from/to your Istanbul hotel (European side hotels only)
  • Entrance fees / Scrub & Foam Massage

Not included:

  • Tips for hamam attendants



A derivative of Roman and Byzantine baths and integrating the bathing habits of the Ottomans, Turkish steam baths were designed to be places where both body and soul could be cleansed. They were also a place were major life events such as weddings and births were celebrated, and continue to be a place for socialising and relaxing today. Traditional bath houses such as Cagaoglu provide separate bathing areas for men and women.

On entering the hamam you will be given a thin cotton wrap, called a peştemal (peshtemal), an abrasive mitt (Keşe) and a pair of sandals and shown through to the change rooms. After changing and leaving your things in your locker you will be taken through to the hot steam room with a large marble stone at the centre where bathers lie so that the steam can open up their pores. As you are lying on the marble stone and relaxing you will feel as you have entered another world as rays of sun gently filter into the room from the skylights in the high central dome.

You will then be scrubbed with the keşe and given a foam massage by your attendant. Afterwards you can choose to continue to lie on the stone and relax or proceed through to the cool room to rest a little before getting changed.

At the end of your Istanbul Turkish Bath experience,you will be dropped back at your European side hotel feeling relaxed, invigorated, and with skin as soft as a new-born’s!


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